Faith is Greater than Fear

Do you ever have those moments in your head when you spiral down the rabbit hole of negativity? One negative thought leads to another and another then before you know it you’re in a bad mood and all pissed off and you have no idea why.

Well, I do, all the time.
So lately I’ve changed the background of my phone to this.
Faith is greater than fear.

This is so significant to me because all of those negative thoughts ARE just that, fear. Fear is such an interesting emotion because it triggers so many things in the mind and body.
It can make you physically tense, sweaty, anxious…all bad.
Someone once told me there are two and only two acronyms for fear.
Forget Everything And Run.
Face Everything And Rise!
Today…I choose the latter. The choice is ours.

I choose faith, faith in my future, faith in myself, and faith in the unknown. Faith that the things I do out of the goodness in my heart will pay off. Faith that we WILL be okay. It’s all literally a mindset. We cannot fear, we must have faith. Faith that God will guide us, Faith that he will protect us, Faith that he will give us the strength when we need it, and lead us into greatness.


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