Binxy Baby Hammock

I have to share the coolest/cutest  baby hammock we have found, a must have if you ask me.

I present to you the Binxy Baby Hammock.
This thing is sooo neat and I have used it so much. what’s funny is all the looks I get when shopping with her in this thing. Its great because she isn’t in her car seat all the time while shopping. I know a carseat can get uncomfortable for babies and at times make them grumpy.

But what I also love about the hammock is, if you want, (I do when baby is sleeping) put the carseat itself into it. The carseat  slides right in and you won’t have to worry about the it slipping or shifting when riding around. This is super convenient because the car seat is lifted and doesn’t take up tons of room in the cart. You also don’t have to worry about the baby being at weird angle while being slung in the hammock.

This is such a fun way for her to also be involved while we are shopping, she just hangs out in it and looks at all the items on the shelves while we pass by. It’s a nice alternative and way for her to be social instead of facing the opposite the way we are traveling.

Side note: Our baby is in the 96% of height for her age so that’s why she looks so long in it. Even still she enjoys the ride! It’s something new and she can just hang out with us. They come in a few super cute prints.

Here’s where you can find them!

Binxy Baby Hammock

Much love!

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