5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity

Now more than ever we need to have healthy immune systems, for obvious reasons. Ideally these should become part of your daily regime to prepare your body for times like this and just to keep yourself at a optimal health level in general. But, here I give you five tips to help boost your immunity. It’s a lot easier than you may think.

1. This one is the simplest step that can help you boost your immune system, and its tastes bomb! This can be taken daily as a supplement or as needed when you’re starting to feel down in the dumps aka sick. Bleh! It contains superfruit juices infused with powerful antioxidant, immunity and energy ingredients to support immune health and provide a gentle botanical energy boost. Antioxidant & Immunity Booster

2. Eat more whole plant foods- unprocessed foods such as nuts, vegetables and fruits are a great way to intake vitamins and antioxidants which protect your body from free radicals which are cells that can harm your body. 

3. Consume good bacteria. For example..yogurts, kimchi, and my favorite kombucha. These contain probiotics which promote the growth of health bacteria in your body which is necessary to maintain immunity. 

4. Rest! Your body is able to health itself while you rest. Therefore, getting enough sleep can dramatically impact your immune system. Sometimes I have a hard time getting to bed at night so doing a bedtime guided meditation usually helps. That along with my essential oil pillow spray and I’m out like a light. You should definitely try it even if you don’t have a hard time getting to sleep it promotes relaxation and could possibly help you rest for longer and deeper.

5. Do some exercise! Keep yourself active. Get that heart rate up! The brief rise in body temperature caused from exercising may prevent bacteria from growing. All that huffing and puffing may also help flush bacteria out of the lungs, which could possibly reduce your chance of getting a cold or flu.

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